Our commitment to building long-term customer partnerships is focused on providing the highest level of safety, quality and value for our customers. We use this same approach when partnering with our employees. TFS not only views its people as its greatest investment, but they are also our biggest asset, and even more so, our family.

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Employment Opportunities

Total Facility Solutions is built on the strength of talented people. Our employees perform complex and demanding mechanical and electrical installations for advanced construction projects.


Total Facility Solutions Student Internship Opportunities

Student Opportunities

An internship at Total Facility Solutions is a pre-professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work experience related to a student’s field of study or career interest.



Q1 Employee Spotlight: Meet Robert Murphy

“Robert’s title is ‘General Superintendent,’ but it should be “Professional Construction Leader.” He is a great role model and lives up to his full potential every day, no matter the challenges or hurdles. He always crafts strategies that result in successful outcomes on the projects he is a part of.”

-Chris Walton, Senior Vice President of Operations


Robert Murphy is a known project-team expert in our industry, and he brings a strong work ethic, dedication and leadership abilities to every project he has been on. He has over 20 years of field experience and has been the general superintendent on TFS’ most substantial projects over the past 12 years. His outstanding management skills have allowed him to successfully oversee and direct all aspects of projects from start to finish, including projects with the semiconductor industry’s largest and most well-known companies.

Mr. Murphy began his partially retired status this year. We are grateful that he will still be available to us, helping train/mentor current and up-and-coming TFS superintendents. Robert has vast experience, and we appreciate his willingness to consult with our field personnel.

He will continue to be involved with TFS and the construction industry at large. Mr. Murphy will be greatly missed from his full-time role with us, and we are tremendously grateful for all he has contributed. We wish him the best.

“I’ve worked with Robert Murphy since 2007, and he has distinguished himself for being a leader and a top performer. Robert has been able to succeed in the toughest environments, no matter what challenges a project throws at him. He will be greatly missed, and we wish him the best.”

-Jose K. Garcia, Vice President