Meet our September Employee of the Month: Melisa Vasquez

“Working at TFS is intensely fun and rewarding. I enjoy the challenges our projects bring. Being surrounded by competent, hardworking and respectful co-workers and managers makes TFS the best place to work.”

— Melisa Vasquez, Senior Project Manager – Utah

Melisa Vasquez is directly steering the future through her construction knowledge and passion for building advanced technology facilities. As a senior project manager with 16 years of semiconductor and general industry construction experience, she is a respected leader on high-profile client jobsites. Melisa and her team find it an exciting challenge working for companies that are pushing the edge of technology and innovation with the facilities they are building in the Central U.S. She leads by example, consistently exhibiting a deep respect for the safety of her team members. Her ability to develop strong working relationships with her customers and teammates has been a key reason for her continued success. Melisa has an excellent understanding of how to keep clients happy and projects running efficiently on campus jobsites and across multiple sites simultaneously.

“Melisa is a strong leader who expects her team members to be as dedicated and focused as she is on TFS projects. She truly cares about the people she works with and demonstrates that care and concern on a daily basis. Melisa is the calm in the storm throughout the daily challenges that are part of our projects, and she always finds a way to help people through those challenges. Her support is always appreciated and respected.”  

—Robert Hill, VP Central Region

Melisa is a Construction rock star who makes TFS a better company as an important part of our central region team. She exemplifies the advancement and success that women are experiencing in the construction industry, and is leading the way for her peers with the same fearless qualities.

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