ClientCentral Untilites Plant
Scope of WorkChilled Water, Condenser Water, Exhaust, Plumbing, Controls, Insulation

Project Detail

The General Building Contractor / Construction Manager on this project was awarded the contract to provide a new Central Utility Plant for the State of Arizona Department of Administration. Total Facility Solutions (TFS) was selected to provide a new 500-ton chiller and 1000-ton cooling tower, complete with new piping, plumbing, exhaust system and controls for the building.

The new Central Utility Plant was required for additional cooling redundancy to support three separate buildings during peak summer months.

The project was installed in four phases without any interruption to the existing cooling system or impact to the state-occupied buildings. They asked TFS to work on a detailed plan to install isolation valves in the system in off-hours to provide for the installation of a temporary 500-ton air cooled chiller and pumping skid to deliver the necessary cooling to the three existing occupied buildings.

TFS worked closely with the General Contractor to develop a project schedule that would detail every task to minimize any impacts and identify any potential safety risk.

During the estimate stage of the project, it was decided by the TFS team that the project would require a full scan of the existing facility. As such, we incorporated the services of our Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Team to provide 3D modeling to virtually fabricate all the chilled water and condenser water piping systems before fabrication and installation on the project site. This also proved to be a vital tool to show the customer the benefits of our approach and ensure we met their overall expectations and requirements.

One hundred percent of the project was fabricated in the Chandler Fab Shop Facility with only one field weld performed on the jobsite. This enabled our crews to work in a clean and safe conditioned space without being constrained by the tight quarters of the jobsite in the 112-degree Arizona heat.

Once the fabrication was complete and delivered to the jobsite, a crew was dispatched to hang and install the new fabrication, which also minimized labor onsite.

This project fully utilized the scanning, 3D modeling and fabrication services we provide and as a result we were able to deliver the project ahead of schedule and on-budget to our very satisfied customers.