ClientConfidential Semiconductor Client
LocationMalta, NY
Scope of WorkUltrapure Water (UPW) Equipment Installation, Waste Water Treatment, Bulk Gas Distribution, Chemical Distribution, Process Exhaust, Electrical Installation, Tool Hook-up

Project Detail

Total Facility Solutions (TFS) was selected to provide mechanical installation and clean system fabrication services on six separate installation projects including ultrapure water (UPW) system installation; a wastewater treatment plant; bulk gas distribution and a chemical & slurry dispense system. TFS was also contracted to provide clean component fabrication and installation services for the high-precision tools used in the processing and analysis of silicon wafers, which serves as a substrate for advanced electronics components.

The ultrapure water facility was the largest of these contracts and involved full installation services on large 34-foot ultrapure water tanks providing best-in-class water purity. The bulk gas installation includes 56,150 linear feet of bulk gas piping and 35,200 joints (welded or mechanical). Total Facility Solutions’ scope also extended to the chilled water system installation serving the facility’s 13,500 square foot data center.

Our operations manage the cleanroom fabrication of ultra-high purity stainless steel and polypropylene piping at four separate fabrication shops around the U.S., both in-house shops and contracted, to make sure we deliver key mechanical components on time. This approach comes with a plan focused on safety, consistency, and high quality in our performance fabricating and installing critical infrastructure for our customers.

Design on this project utilizes 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) and our Mechanical Installation team is involved in performing clash detection to provide precise details in our mechanical installation services. In these services we also provide material take-offs from the 3D model to perform the work with precision.

TFS provides design and construction services, and our client has benefited from our “turnkey” delivery approach. Our mechanical installation team’s early involvement in this project allowed us to perform valuable constructability analysis that helped guide the design and construction process.