Safety, Training & Quality


Total Facility Solutions (TFS) strives to maintain high standards and performance in the areas of our companies Safety, Training Programs, and Quality Installations. We have established departments and knowledgeable leaders in these areas of our business that are responsible for making sure that TFS consistently performs successfully in our industry.

MEP safety


We are proud of a safety performance record in the top one percent of the industry. TFS maintains an experience modifier rate (EMR) of less than half of the industry average and has industry-leading rates for Recordable Case, Lost Workday Case and Fatality. It is through our commitment to an Incident & Injury Free® culture, that TFS is able to maintain these high standards for construction safety.

Our Approach:

  • Develop a Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)
  • Pre-qualify Subcontractors
  • Train TFS Employees
  • Weekly Tool Box Safety Meeting
  • Job Site Safety Inspections and Corrective Action Reports
  • Monthly Summary Reporting
  • Award Incentive for Safe Performance
  • Onsite Safety Management Personnel Qualified with the Listed Safety Certification Training: OSHA 500, OSHA Confined Space, OSHA Hazmat, CPR & First Aid
Virtual Design and Construction


Training at TFS is recognized as not only essential to current success, but the foundation of building a future generation of company leadership. Training is an essential part of the specialized workforce that performs the construction services we provide. TFS management provides every employee the proper construction safety and quality training. To meet that objective we created Total Facility Solutions University (TFSU) to provide all of our staff with the knowledge and skills required in our construction industry which requires providing top notch services to the semiconductor, life science, renewable energy and science & research sectors. 

TFSU has been designed to:

  • Enable standardized process flow for all TFS projects
  • Support the implementation of measurable business practices
  • Provide a means for personal development and enrichment
  • Ensure the latest and most effective programs are correctly deployed and effectively managed in areas such as commercial management, EH&S and QA/QC
MEP quality


We provide quality control and quality assurance for high purity and liquid piping system installations as well as analytical testing and certification. Our quality team inspects the quality of work throughout the prefabrication and installation process to assure that specifications are met. Our team prepares site-specific specifications and build clean installation procedures.  Our quality experience encompasses all process and clean utility systems, with an emphasis in managing and producing fully compliant turnover packages for the strictest client and industry specifications.

Quality reporting includes:

  • Welding Procedure Specifications
  • Procedure Qualification Reports
  • Welding Documentation
  • System Installation Procedures
  • System Final Inspections
  • System Final Acceptance
  • System Testing and Validation
  • Turnover Packages


Together, TFS and M+W Group have made a significant investment in a training partnership with the State of New York and the Watervliet Arsenal to create the Center for Construction Trades Training. The training center, in conjunction with the State University of New York's NanoTech initiative, offers training to union members that help them build cleanrooms for semiconductor and high-tech manufacturers.

The Center for Construction Trades Training instructs over 200 workers per year. Topics of training include Cleanroom Protocol, Stainless Tubing Fabrication, Stainless Orbital Welding. PVDF Pipe Fabrication, Cleanroom Safety, PVC/CPVC Pipe Fabrication, Pressure Reducing Valves, UHP Valves, PolyPro and PVDF Acid Waste.