Injury Free Workplace (IFW)

Total Facility Solutions (TFS) has developed its own methods for providing the highest levels of performance and safety to address the stringent requirements of the markets we serve. With a safety record in the top one percent of the industry, TFS sets the standard with respect to safety performance.

Our vision for creating a sustainable, injury-free culture on all projects through teamwork, leadership and commitment, has led to adopting an Injury Free Workplace (IFW) philosophy -- a mindset embraced throughout the company in which all employees recognize their responsibilities to themselves, fellow workers and their families to work safely at all times. This philosophy not only leads to a safer workplace, it leads to a healthier, more productive workforce with stronger relationships up and down the organization.

Embracing the IWF culture also extends benefits to ours customers, translating into increased security and ease of mind when contracting with TFS on your most challenging projects.

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