Our capabilities include turnkey process systems, building information modeling (BIM), ultra-high purity (UHP) piping, module/skid, fabrication, assembly & integration, turnkey UHP water systems, turnkey tool & equipment, installation, clean utilities, electrical services, pre-construction services, and training.

Process Piping Services

TFS integrates process systems for the most demanding and mission-critical facilities across the US. Our clients can count on us to have the most qualified craftsmen and personnel in the industry. TFS personnel are qualified and trained in the following:

Safety, quality, orbital welding, ASME standards, BPE standards, SEMI standards, sloped piping, hygienic piping, and cleanroom protocol.

Electrical Services

As an industry-leading commercial electrical contractor, our capabilities include a broad range of installation, upgrade, demolition and troubleshooting services for new and existing construction. For commercial and industrial facilities, some of our key services include:

Plant renovation: dismantling, relocation and re-installation of equipment & facilities, electrical equipment including motors, A/C & DC drives, instrumentation installation, wiring and calibration, and standby generator systems.

Virtual Design & Construction Services

Building information modeling (BIM) is a process, not software, which TFS implements in more than 50 percent of all our projects. This process improves productivity and reduces rework by utilizing clash detection and avoidance prior to fabrication or field installation. One major benefit of BIM is increased coordination between all trades, which reduces typical conflicts, change orders and “requests for information” during construction, giving our clients the greatest value possible for their construction dollar.


Lean Construction Services

TFS operates six regional class 100 fabrication shops where employing 5S Lean construction has streamlined our work flow. Multidiscipline fabrication has opened doors to new horizons in BIM. Our BIM process includes our proprietary information management database required to keep up with all of the embedded data in today's complex construction. The use of the last planner system has increased our collaboration with all participants and has led to more predictable schedule and on-budget delivery.

Pre-construction Services

Every project becomes an opportunity to better serve our customers. The overall success of our projects relies heavily upon the decisions made during the initial planning stages before fabrication and installation begins. TFS' pre-construction team can provide the following services:

Cost estimating, cost control, constructability reviews, pipe routing, scheduling, manpower loading, trade stacking, site logistics, material procurement.

Instruments & Controls Services

TFS has performed several large scale Instruments & Controls (I&C) projects across the country and for various clients and industries.  Our expertise in estimating, scheduling, BIM, layout, prefabrication, installation, QA/QC and commissioning have proven invaluable to our clients and partners.  At TFS, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have I&C engineers on staff who have worked on the design as well as construction side of the business and are able to guide our teams in a manner that make installation of these systems very easy for our field crews to perform.