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We are a Full Service Mechanical and Electrical Contractor

Total Facility Solutions At A Glance

Founded in 2003

Corporate Headquarters in Plano, TX

Industry Expertise: Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Mission Critical, Renewable Energy and Science & Research industries offering integration and installation of everything from high-purity piping to gas and chemical systems, ultra high purity water systems, tools and equipment to clean utilities and electrical services.

Total Facility Solutions (TFS) provides solutions that are designed to deliver mechanical, electrical, and process piping systems to all markets. We are a privately held specialty contractor operating nationwide, with more than $200 million in annual revenue and 1,000 employees.

We will find the most economical solution to meet budget, schedule, and performance targets for projects that require renovation, expansion or turnkey construction of new facilities.

As a specialty process piping and wet mechanical contractor, we provide facility construction services for leaders in advanced technology and biopharma.




Ultra High Purity (UHP)

Process Piping

Mechanical Piping

Electrical Control Services

Virtual Design & Construction

Specifically, We Help Companies To

so they can perform their amazing missions housed in the facilities they work in

on our clients’ job sites during the construction phases as well as in our fab shops. Our safety program is at the top of our industry.

by using Lean Construction Principles and streamlining our processes. We look for cost saving offsite prefabrication opportunities combined with our virtual design and pre-construction services before we perform the installations on our customers jobsites.

Executive Leadership Team

Matthew Bell

Managing Director

Matthew Bell has over 18 years of experience in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical, and commercial markets, including management of personnel, materials, and equipment.

Chris Walton

Executive Operations Director

Chris Walton has over 30 years of advanced facility construction experience in the semiconductor industry and vast fabricating knowledge installing high-purity piping systems.

Robert Bancroft

Executive Finance Director

Robert Bancroft has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, working on complex EPCM design-build and competitive-bid lump-sum projects, and all project-cost reporting matters.

Jeffrey Dennis

Executive Safety Director

Jeffrey Dennis has 22 years of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) experience supporting various clients and projects in the industrial, commercial, power and nuclear industries.

Richard Burda

Regional Manager of Northeast Region

Richard Burda has over 24 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, including the management of the quality department and several Base Build and Tool hook-up projects.

Mike D'Avanzo

Regional Manager of Southeast Region

Mike D'Avanzo has over 28 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, including the management of large-scale high-purity and process piping systems.

Eric Durbin

Regional Manager of West Region

Eric Durbin has over 25 years in the commercial piping and construction industries, including management of projects with many of TFS’ long standing clients.

Brian Gilreath

Business Development Director

Brian Gilreath has over 15 years of experience in building and maintaining long lasting relationships in the industrial and manufacturing industries, specializing in the biotech and semiconductor fields.

Our Core Values

People and Environment

We are committed to an incident free workplace where everybody goes home safe.

Respect for people means to care for them and to protect the environment in which we live and work.

Client Orientation

We commit ourselves to a long-term partnership focused on creating value for our clients.

Client satisfaction is achieved through the high quality of our people and their work.


We build relationships with clients, employees and suppliers on a foundation of trust and respect.

Leadership must ensure a good balance between the level of empowerment and controls.


We keep our promises and meet our commitments.

The courage to remain truthful ensures fairness in all our relationships.

Cultural Diversity

We cultivate our global spirit through mutual respect and the sharing of experiences.

Cultural diversity is a strength that creates a richness within our Group.

Pride In Our Employees

We create a future together by nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit through rewarding courage and creativity.

People are the core of our business and ensure our future success.