Building For These Industries

We Install Complex Piping & Electrical Systems For High-Tech Customers

Advanced Technology Facilities

Total Facility Solutions' semiconductor customers are among the world’s top suppliers for logic devices, flash memory and various electronic products.

Our customers produce technology that impacts our lives every day.

Piping systems and electrical installations in these high-tech fabs require absolute precision in quality, schedule and budget.

TFS has a reputation for consistently meeting demanding requirements on every client project site.

Life Sciences Facilities

Total Facility Solutions is a specialty contractor for biopharmaceutical and biotechnology development facilities, laboratories, and manufacturing installations.

These installations require the most attention to site requirements and adherence to compliance.

This level of details is because of the strict laws and regulations relating to the biopharmaceutical markets.

Biopharma manufacturers turn to TFS for specialty cleanroom design, high purity piping systems, process tools, and mechanical equipment.

Food & Beverage Facilities

Facilities Total Facility Solutions has many years of experience fabricating and installing piping and electrical systems in ultra-clean environments in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

Food and beverage companies are also an industry we serve because of our hygienic experience.

We provide the construction experience that is required for products meant for human consumption.

Many advanced manufacturing companies trust us to pipe their facilities when there is no margin for error.

Science & Research Facilities

Total Facility Solutions' full service process integration and specialty contractor expertise extends to research and development facilities.

These construction projects share many of the same characteristics and requirements as most of the cleanroom projects we have experience in. Our specialty contractor services can address each facility’s specific requirements.

This pertains to process systems, ultra-high purity (UHP) water systems, tool and equipment installation, total facilities management, and more.

Renewable Energy Facilities

Total Facility Solutions supports the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

We provide our construction services and expertise to lithium ion battery manufacturing customers. These companies are pushing advancements in the renewable energy industry.

We have worked for some of the most demanding industries there are. We are the mission critical construction provider that many customers rely on when a job well done is required.